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The Knigdom of Morocco has been a popular tourist destination for two centuries, particularly helped by the nearness to Spain, but always motivated by the fascinating cultures of the country, and the spectacular nature.

Modern Morocco is everything but a rich country, but only few suffers want, and the infrastructure is impressive if you compare it with the overall economical situation of the country.

Morocco is a monarchy, and the democratic structures are less developed than what is the situation in Western countries. Even with a continuously high unemployment rate, and discontent among many city dwellers, Morocco is still a stable and safe country to live and travel in.

Morocco is a country of contrasts, where only short drives out of modern city centres, leads you right into societies where large parts of the social fabrics remain intact from centuries back in time.

In order to go searching for the Morocco that was, and the Morocco of our days, you have several opportunities.


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Ten Places to Visit in Morocco

Morocco is a country with so much diversity in landscape and people. This diversity helps make Morocco a true fascinating place to explore and enjoy. If you are intending to plan your holidays in Morocco, then this article will help you discover beautiful places to visit. You can be sure to experience a perfect blend of modern and old Morocco, which conglomerates various cultures such as Arabic, Berber, French, Spanish, and African cultures, These cultures have paved the way for a positive and beautiful life in Morocco.